Beauchene Skulls

PostAlt/ArtRock Ensemble

2013 - Present

Beauchene Skulls the EP

Beauchene Skulls the EP

A concept record exploring texture, technology, and spatialization.

released 12 December 2013 

Socrates Cruz - Drums 
Sarah Fylak - Vocals, Guitar, and Electronics 
Noni Kai - Vocals on "Stay" 
Jessica Kion - Vocals and Bass 
Jarret Ring - Synthesizers 

The Vesuvius String Quartet is: 
Ashton Bush - Violin I 
Sarah Fylak - Violin II 
Anna Stromer - Viola 
Bryan Ennis - Cello 

Beauchene Skulls the EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Strewnshank Productions in Charlestown, MA by Chris Thomas and Joe Mahoney. "Stay" was recorded and mixed at The Bright House in Brighton, MA. String arrangements and composition by Sarah Fylak. 

Album artwork by Sarah Fylak and Jessica Kion 

© Beauchene Skulls 2013

Late one night I found myself walking through a very old medical library, searching for inspiration or for some sign of life.  Within the library there was a small museum containing an unbelievably haunting collection of medical artifacts. In one of the display cases, I came across a sculpture that is used for teaching the relationships of bone structures in the human skull. I was intrigued by the aesthetic properties of the Beauchene Skull; the aggressive, bold and forceful image that appears to be exploding, frozen in time, combined with the delicate and meticulous construction of movable parts. This juxtaposition was something that I wanted to explore sonically.  - Sarah Fylak